Ocean Jet Fast Ferries Libre Balik Promo

November 22, 2012

Ocean Jet Fast Ferries Libre Balik Promo  


The Libre Balik Promo is still in effect for Cebu and Tagbilaran routes only.


The Mechanics


1. Open to all Ocean jet passenger/s bound for Cebu-Tagbilaran and/or vice-versa, but limited to tourist and open air accommodation only.


2. Any passenger who purchased tariff-based ocean jet ticket for the abovementioned route and accommodation is entitled to a complimentary ticket. Complimentary ticket is only valid for six (6) days from the date of departure. Provided, it is within the promo period.


3. Tickets purchased on the date of departure will be sold at P800.00 (libre balik), while advance purchased tickets shall have the following rate, as follows:


Before Departure Date Rate of Ticket

1 day Php 400.00 (only for open accommodation)

2 days Php 500.00 (tourist class accommodation)

1 week Php 400.00 (tourist class accommodation)

2 weeks Php 300.00 (tourist class accommodation)


4. Holder of a complimentary ticket is bound to follow the booking procedures. Likewise, it is subject to seat availability on the scheduled date and time of the passenger’s concerned. Nevertheless, it must be on a first come-first serve basis.


5. Complimentary ticket can be booked or validated even if the paid ticket is not used, but the paid ticket is automatically voided. Hence, cannot be used.


6. Holder of a complimentary ticket is required to present a valid Identification Card to ensure real ownership thereof.


7. Open dated ticket does not warrants any accommodation status, unless, it is booked or validated. Likewise, promo seats are limited.


8. Passengers (i.e. student, minor, senior citizen, etc.) who prefer to avail with the promo, can no longer enjoy of any discount as mandated by law. The promo is substantially superior than the discount.


9. Promo tickets are absolutely non-refundable, but it can be revalidated subject to the existing policies and procedures on revalidation. Provided it is within the promo period. In case of revalidation, a revalidation charge of P50.00 will be collected. However, P800.00 libre pabalik is refundable. Provided, the paid ticket was not used. Complimentary ticket is not refundable but can be validated or revalidated.


10. Using of Complimentary ticket ahead of the paid ticket will automatically void the Paid ticket. Hence, it can’t be used anymore.


11. Promo tickets are non-transferrable nor re-routable.


This promo mechanics form part of the oceanjet ticket full terms and conditions.


DISCLAIMER: This website is not in any way connected with Ocean Jet Fast Ferries or with this Promo or whatsoever.


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